caution danger-zone girl with sharp teeth and moon-empty eyes and words like whiplash in high-speed collisions. she writes like she’s got a hornet’s nest of secrets burrowing into her braincave, she writes like her wounds are rotting enough you can smell them, she writes like “if I don’t sink my teeth into paper I’ll blow away into nothing.”

she takes her words straight out of the mouths of the people she kisses and never stops drinking blood directly from the archway of your neck. she is gravedirt on her palms and saturated with memories. she writes like tequila and bad dreams and like she is buried alive. she’s full-on firestorm, she is open sore, she is clawing her way out from burning rubble. she is blisters and she writes to callus, she writes because heartbreak, she writes because the darkness is so thick she chokes on it, she writes because too much drink.

she writes because it’s either put these words on paper or get ready to sink.

Libraries in your eyes, nightmares in your fingertips. /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)
I don’t believe in falling in love I believe in addiction and at the end of the day were all drug addicts. Face it love, your not in love with me, and I’m not in love with you. You and I, were just addicted to one another simple as that. Were just two kids who have gotten so used to being around each other we call this reliance love. You don’t love me, we don’t need each other or maybe even want to be with one another. Were just teenage dirtbags making love look like a glorious thing when in the end it’s a terrible writhing co dependence.
Just my thought-hailey